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Tips to Getting The Most Wears Out of Your Falsies

Posted on 06 October 2012

Hi girlies,

I thought I'd give you some tips to help keep your falsies (mink or synthetic) looking great and lasting for many wears! 

  1. Skip the mascara! Not only does mascara dull the shine of your lashes. It's also very difficult remove without damaging your falsies. But how do you make sure they blend with your natural lashes you say? Curl your falsies together with your real lashes and this will help them blend in. 
  2. It's okay to skimp on the glue. More is not better in this case. More glue just means more mess on your lashes. I find the just a very thing strip of glue will hold your lashes all night, and be more comfortable to wear as well. 
  3. Apply your lashes last! Finish off all your eye makeup first then as a finishing touch, apply your falsies. This will prevent eye shadow and other makeup from falling on your lashes. Keeping them clean and reusable.
  4. Don't be lazy! Remove glue and clean your lashes as soon as you're done with them. This will prevent the glue from hardening and becoming stiff, which makes it even more difficult to take off.
  5. Here's an idea for you: So now your lashes are near the end of lives. You can always snip them into smaller pieces and use them as half lashes! This is something I always do, on casual days a little half lash is sometimes all you need! 
Hope you found these tips helpful! 


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