Our Story

Once upon a time, lush and beautiful mink lashes used to be just a dream. I was traveling abroad when I first stumbled upon mink eyelashes and fell in love with them almost instantly! These lashes were significantly softer, lighter, more natural-looking, and more comfortable than any other type of artificial eyelashes in the market today. When I traveled home from my vacation, I tried to the find the same mink lashes but couldn’t find them locally. So I began my forays online, only to be disappointed at finding out that only a handful of non-reliable sites were actually selling them. On top of that the prices were crazy at $100 to $200!

So I began to dedicate the next seven months trying to find a better way to get hold of those lush, velvety mink fur eyelashes. Knowing that these lashes used to be custom-made only for celebrities and Hollywood A-listers, I also dreamed of bringing these beautiful, natural looking false mink eyelashes within easy access to every girl. When I realized that there was no better way than to create an entire unique collection of mink hair eyelashes, Play Lashes was born.

The Play Lashes collection currently offers 8 premium mink hair eyelashes, which are handmade by brushing off live minks’ hairs, sterilizing them, and creating them into the softest, most natural-looking eyelashes you have ever seen.  A careful harvesting process is used to gather these luxurious mink hairs, without harming the animals, resulting in lush and believably long Play Mink Lashes. And since I wanted to create a line of premium lashes both for everyday wear and for special affairs, the collection features 8 unique styles.

There is the Lush mink eyelashes for the party girl, the 1951 style for the classic sweetheart, and the Flawless mink lashes for everyday wear. For the simple yet sexy Girl Next Door, the Allure cross lashes are the perfect choice. For added drama, there is Araxi with its flared corners, and for a lush multi-length style there is Celeste. Luna combines a sexy length and striking flared corners, and for the fullest, longest mink lashes, there is Touch. There is a Play Lash mink eyelash for every unique personality and for every unique lifestyle.

To make sure that you get as much information on these false mink eyelashes as possible, we try to support all of our products with photos, videos, and social media inputs. This helps every girl learn everything they can about the exclusive, premium Play Mink Lashes - from tips in putting them on to using the right makeup for a perfect look anytime, anywhere. Each of the photos you see on the site featuring our stylish mink eyelashes are all non- Photoshopped originals. Best of all, you can reach us anywhere online, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

With Play Lashes, my search for softer, lighter, more comfortable and natural looking mink lashes is finally over. And I’d like to believe I have made the search for mink eyelashes easier for every girl out there too. There is every style perfect for every girl – from the simple Girl Next Door to the fun-loving cosmopolitan chick. With these mink eyelashes, every girl is bound to look her best every single day – and even before putting the perfect outfit on!