False Eyelashes Set Of 5 Pairs - Style S02

$19.99 $24.99


VARIED Lash lengths mimic your own real lashes for natural appearance
WOVEN strip applies quickly and easily to eyelid
LIGHTWEIGHT Material will not weigh down your eyelid
SAFE and comfortable for daily use or special occasions
100% satisfaction money-back guarantee

    Add beauty and definition to your eyes

    Play Lash frames your eyes with voluminous and alluring false eyelashes. Our woven strips are comprised of nylon lashes of varying lengths to mimic your own lash cycle. This gives Play Lash false eyelashes their natural look. Play Lash false eyelashes can even be curled with a standard eyelash curler once your lash adhesive has thoroughly dried.

    Easy on, easy off

    Play Lash woven nylon strips, with their natural curve shape, apply easily to your lid with your favorite eyelash adhesive. No adhesive is included with Play Lash. To remove Play Lashes, apply a few drops of non-oily make-up remover to a cotton ball and hold to the eye for a few moments to loosen the adhesive. Then gently begin pulling Play Lash loose from one end to the other. Clean Play Lashes with same non-oily make-up remover, so that you can reuse Play Lash false eyelashes. Play Lash Reusable False Eyelashes are safe and comfortable enough to be worn every day if you so choose

    The eyes are the windows to the soul. What do you want yours to convey?

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